How I Got Started?

511826804416138443_206854050depression kills, shopping can help..

…If you have enough money to buy what you fancy. Last year, around this time I was working at a nursing home. I only made 11/hr which for a CNA is a low wage. Though with no dependents, I can’t really complain because I lived comfortably. Comfortable enough to party every weekend, and “cheers” to going back to work on Monday.

Anyway, my job sucked. Dont get me wrong, I am a very compassionate person, and I LOOOVE to help people but when you weigh bad management with lack of quality care plus consistently understaffed ughh.. you get the picture? Typical nursing home actually…

I was losing my mind, still going out with my girlfriend from Jersey. One night we link up with some folks from Penn Hills and end up at Erotica strip club.This was my 1st time at a strip club. I usually go out with a $50 limit on the weekend well somebody forgot to tell me strip clubs are for people who have money. Not a couple of drunks trying to party after the club close. Thankfully there were so many people no one noticed I wasn’t spending. Also, our new friends started giving us money. When your hot, its not freeloading.

It was fun. The dancers liked me more than I liked them. Some asshole started throwing money on the stage from behind me so I had to keep picking it up and put it on the stage. When I turned around to throw a bf, I found out he was deliberately trying to make it rain on me! HEYYY lol got paid with my clothes on, who would have thought! Another guy asked me for a lap dance. But it was time to leave because one of our new friends was getting kicked out or stumbling out the club and they were our ride home. Maybe we are freeloaders, watever.

I went home feeling like a million bucks when I only made probably $60. Eventually that ego moment lingered, I kept thinking I could be working at a strip club. I really didn’t have the guts until I was suspended from work, and needed $40 to renew my CNA license. I was dead broke.  I may be “cheapo americano” but I am proud of being independent.

I had been toying with the idea of stripping but now I had to.  I told myself get pretty, party, and paid. There was an amateur night at the #1 strip club in the Burgh. I showed  up for amateur night and won cash and a job! Yep that’s how I started dancing.. For a while I worked both jobs but its hard to shop after a 11-7:30p at a strip club then 11-7a at the nursing home. The dancing paid me in two days what I made in two weeks. Needless to say, I chose up!


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