Boyfriend issues

Today I’m meeting an old hustler in the game, who I’ve never done business nor do I respect his deeds to the game. He is an ex- “manager” or pimp. What I do respect is his understanding of my hustle and how lonely it really is when your doing it right.

Many strippers have boyfriends, I just chose not to once I took the position. When I first started, I met a few dancers who support their boyfriends. Meaning 20,000/hr on trips, and “love” because he didn’t make as much as her. I call these girls “Heroes.” They save little boys from becoming a man. When they tell me a story about them getting into a fight with their man, I say “Sweetheart you’re so confused right now. Break up with him, save some money.”

The strippers that are in denial about having boyfriends, try to claim their sex partners as hoes. I call these bitches “Boss.” They say, “I’m only with him for sex.” “We’re just fuck buddies.” Oh really? Bitch, your a damn stripper, people pay $500/hr to see you get naked and fantasize about having sex with you! And you think your the boss giving out sex for free!

I don’t think I have to describe the “Smashed” stripper who rather hoe in the club instead of banking in at an escort agency.

I almost became a “Boss” bitch, but I chose the path called “Rare.” And we do exist. That doesn’t mean we don’t have a boyfriend but it means we are stable mentally and physically enough. to know not to settle for anything less than what we want. And we do succeed, later as porn stars, models, housewives, or just educated individuals. It is important to know your worth. Not the value society tries to give you. In the end, you will be rewarded with dignity, respect, self-love, and big money. You know why strippers put in extra work for $1 because they entertain $1. If you keep letting customers think $1 tips are okay, that’s all you’re going to get.

..time for work, let that marinade šŸ™‚
Part 2 tonight


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