My Most Ratchet Club

Okay so im from the nation’s capital Washington DC, aka the DMV, aka the District of Columbia, aka
“the mayor had an issue with crack,
and we voted him back.” Yes, I found my most ratchet club here. I would like to say the Ebony Inn on Sheriff Rd. is the Holiday Inn of strip clubs but its worse! If you ever been to a Motel 6, imagine a Motel 1. I say imagine because there is only one Motel 1 in the U.S. so I bet you’ve never been. It’s in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Don’t believe me below is a link Haha

Anyways previously going to DC to work, I had only danced at Blush, a predominantly white gentlemen’s club. At the time, I heard Atlanta, Ga was the heaven of strip clubs. And. Like heaven, I wanted to be there. I was also told the money was in predominantly black clubs and that the style of dance was different. That word of advice I found out later on to be true.

So I went on a journey to the Ebony Inn purposely because its ranking as being the worst strip club. My logic was if I could survive at the worst of the worst, I could handle the best of the best. I worked at the Ebony Inn for two days. I’m only going to elaborate on Day 1.

When I walked in the door, payed $30 to work because it was after 7pm. I was given the loose rundown, which went something like ” whatever you do is up to you, just get paid upfront. Whatever you do, we don’t see it.” I could make up my own rules for v.i p. as long as I pay the club its cut first. Might have been $40 no more, I didn’t do v.i.p. because every man on the floor tried or did pull there dick out on me! Once the rumor went around that I wasn’t on that shit, I left early with my $250 something bucks. I was mainly paid by this decent Asian man who appeared out of no where, and was the only one who didn’t pull his dick out. I don’t know what tip out was because I left early, and they were so disorganized, I didn’t pay both nights I worked.

When I wasn’t giving lap dances, I was on the floor (not stage), dancing with every girl that wasn’t giving a lap dance. It was a free for all. No dj. Some guy on a laptop, played music throughout the club. Had the nerve to try and charge me for a song. I might have been new but I wasn’t stupid. The dance space or floor is a dirty gritty rail enclosed space. My hands would literally collect dirt off the floor! You could barely see in front of you, except there were four dim Chinese lanterns. The dressing room is a closet with three chairs, no mirror, or bathroom. To apply make up, I went to the customer’s one stall bathroom. Ridiculous. I mean amazing if your a dude trying to smash even if you can’t see the chick but you only have $30 and your already burning. Definitely try the Ebony Inn, the lap dances are $10 a song, so you will definitely get something STRANGE for some $30 change.  And truth be told, its the club that’s ratchet because I saw 3 decent-looking talented girls that should have been in Baltimore. Why does this club exist. Are they paying taxes? Oh yeah, this club is not in the safest part of DC. So I called Yellow Cab to pick me up, they came and said they wouldn’t take me. Need i say more? Um, Yes. IM NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN. GOODNIGHT!


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