Stop Playing Looney Tunes

Let’s stick to FACTS. I’m my own boss FACTS. I run my own Ishhh ya bishhh

Who? What? When? How? Yea it’s all up to me FACTS.

Calling me cocky, arrogant, etc. OPTIONS.

I’m an independent contractor FACTS.

No more uniforms, I mean evening dresses. Whoever heard of a strict dress code at a strip club?

No more extra charges when my customers use a credit card. No more 1/3 cut to VIP.

No more techno. Or requesting ethnic lol ethnic music. I’m black and proud of it!

No more $20, $30, $40 late fees or dumbass schedules. 

This club played too many fucking Looney Tunes FACTS? Don’t you agree?

Well, India/Sasha is no longer working at Blush Gentlemen Club in Pittsburgh FACTS.

Any questions? Or are you afraid to hear the facts..120411_Thats_All_Folks_t618 (1)




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