Cheerleaders vs Blush

Photo_3Working at my rival club tomorrow. Trust me, the rivalry is real. There is an unspoken rule that if you work at Cheerleaders, you can’t work at Blush in Pittsburgh. Try it, and the rule will be unspoken. In other words, termination. When did it get that real? Strippers who strip as their only source of income, don’t stay to one club. They go where the money is. Some clubs do better on certain days.

Anyway, now that I quit Blush, I will find out the difference and glorious details. I will be the judge of which club is the #1 club for “clean” entertainers. I can already state that from reading my contact, I’m definitely my own boss here.

I was given the option to be an employee or an independent contractor. If I had been working at another club in conjunction with this one, I would have chose employee. Just so I could count one club for tax information. Speaking of which, I should be doing that now, instead of writing this blog.

Yeah, bye.


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