Hustling takes Ambition pt2


Being a pretty dancer is a plus, but being a hustler, only takes pipe game and advertising through style and mannerisms. I seen trifling fat girls make money. And I’m not talking about $5 pity money.

When I first started dancing, I averaged $500 day. I only worked dayshift. I mostly stood in front of a mirror until someone asked for a dance. If someone eyed me, I would smile, go over, and within 5 minutes I knew whether they were getting a dance or not. Occasionally, I would stay 5 minutes longer if I was comfortable but usually that resulted in me reminding them I’m working and a small tip. Some may call this lazy but honestly this is the best method for me. I call this strategy “smart hustling” . It tells men my time is money. And it lets me know which men value my time. Standing by the side mirror, I can see what body type a customer is admiring at the stage. That way if my “smart hustling” doesn’t work, I can move on to “drunk hustling.” Which ALWAYS works as long as the clubs not empty and the music is pumping. Drunk hustling is aggressive horny hustling need I say more…. 😉

“Drunk hustling” produces amazing results. Why? #1Customers don’t want to be drunk alone.  #2 Alcohol gives you an excuse to be aggressive. Demanding a lap dance or champagne room makes you appear horny or sexually frustrated rather than a money hungry bitch.

“Drunk hustling” is the only way I dance in black clubs.  When I danced in Atlanta and Washington dc I drank FourLoko’s every night. Every stripper has her own market. Mine is Cute&Cuddly, Exotic, Sweet, Expensive, Tiny Waist,Big Boobiesss(32DDD). In black clubs ass is valued over boobies, sassy over sweet, and Freaky&Sneaky wins daily. Fuck cute&cuddly! So honestly my market isn’t in demand at strictly black clubs but I still do it because its a monopoly for me when that one guy accidentally walked into the wrong club. It only takes one guy to make my night in ATL.

Another after work

post, goodnight


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