Typical Southside Night

On very rare occasions, I choose to entertain myself in public. In Pittsburgh, the nightlife comes to an end around 2:30a shocking right?


Last night, I went to Bar One10 the only place downtown that caters to “urban” music. I dance like a white girl, which was reconfirmed last night but so what. I like Migos, 2Chainz and that Atlanta flow. Two pimps creeped me out so I left, and hit the Southside where I could join the college- kid- foolishness- crowd. That crowd is guaranteed to be at the Tiki Lounge, and sometimes Marios. I headed to Mario’s at 1:45, which was when they said “last call for alcohol.” Im such an idiot, and yes Mario’s turned me away. I met a Canadian at the Tiki Lounge who I was dragging to God knows where. Fortunate for him, he lived right behind Mario’s, and made me an Almost Rum Chata concoction. Enjoyed some normal conversation. Fortunate for me, my cab came and my pointless Southside night ended. Its only pointless because they close so early. There were no after hours spots open either except strip clubs. And I’m stingy about giving another hustla my hard earned money. So its now 6p the day after. I have not left the apartment thanks to Papa John’s. I wonder what I will do tonight. If and when I muster enough energy to do anything.

Im feeling sorry for the Canadian because this morning I am back on my boss ish. My boss way of thinking. Time is money, and if you want to stay in my business, support my business. Call me harsh but if I have to draw a solid line somewhere.


Clothing line by Demian Renucci

My rule is if I see you while I’m out, enjoy those precious moments but there’s no way I’m scheduling to spend free unpaid time with folks outside of work. Call me crazy but I rather you call me successful. Whatever. I dont give no fucks. 1 more year of this lifestyle, and I’m done.



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