Drunk Strippers

Getting off of work. Drunk and pissed as usual which means I’m making that money. #1 way to get me in my feelings is alcohol, and I’ve had my share tonight…

Remember my last post. The good guy I’m supposed to throw back to the drunken wolves. Well I don’t want to throw him back. Drunk and emotional tonight. Not a normal night for me. Very disappointed in myself but hey, sometimes you slip up. I’m human. I’m a woman. 100% emotional. 100% emotional x 10 after indulging in alcohol consumption.


Photo: my drunk emotions in a nutshell

If a stripper is cock blocking, its so she can get a man wrapped around her finger and run him for broke. If a bitch is cock blocking, its so she can feel dominant, and downright special. Tonight I was a cock blocking bitch. I had found a good guy disguised as a customer. We had a great well $pent time, then he $pends time with another bitch, who looks or personally is nothing like me. You must not know bout, you must not know bout me I‘m irreplaceableeeee. Of course, I like to think so! And I secretly (now unsecretly) wanted to have all of his attention because
Im drunk, im going to bed. Hours later and I still feel salty, like I’ve been cheated on. Lmao. Im just a stripper in her feelings, don’t judge me. Again goodnight.


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