Helllo Dayshift


Don’t sleep on us day shift ladies. We gets paid…when you come pay us! Couple tips this morning to strippers new to day shift.

Hide the coffee. Who wants to talk to coffee breathe? Hated my teacher in middle school. I could never accept his help because I could never accept his breathe.

Hide the phone unless your taking selfies. Seriously, selfies are an exception beccause it shows the customer you know your hot, even when no one is spending time or money on you.

Plant & Harvest. The most VALUABLE piece to making money. Introduce yourself to as many people as you can and quickly. This identifies you as sociable and that though you enjoy great conversation, you are here to make money. My typical introduction might be: “How are you? I’m India. I see you just got in. I just wanted you to see me. See what I’m working with. (Do a couple poses, boob flash maybe) Let me know when your ready to spend some time with me.” Keep your conversation short, when they are short with their money or attention span. If they like you but aren’t ready, let them marinate on the Corona and come back to collect your harvest.

Looks like its time to get pretty. I will upload a few selfies before I work the floor. Have a money making day!


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