No Reason to Leave Blush

Can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m going to miss my Blush girls. I never really hang out with strippers outside the club. We all have different lifestyles, & personal demons, I’m sure. You really don’t want to get wrapped up in another dancer’s personal life. But when you have downtime in the club, blabbing about your affairs in editable. I rather talk to a dancer who I don’t expect to pay me, than allowing a non-paying customer get my free time.

I love talking to the dancers that think like me when it comes to the game; they’re cut-throat and focused. There’s only a few of u that’s really about stacking that check. My gurl Isis swear, is one of them. We went to breakfast this morning after work. Never knew how much we were alike, lifestyle and demons too.

I have two more weeks in Pittsburgh. I’m really going to miss this club. They treated me the best. Sometimes they were strict but it helped me make the most of my money truthfully. I’m actually debating whether to get a loft and stay. Smh, that is crazy. I’m trying to follow the money, but I think the money is here.

My birthday is Sunday, I will pull double shifts al


l week. Keep my options open…


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