Ms. Heartless

You wanna meet a stripper with no soul? No. But the stripper with no conscience is the best hustler of all. She doesn’t care about the people she steps on or whose heart she breaks to get there. Every man is a dollar sign. Every other stripper is either bait or a threat. Whichever, both are disposed of quickly and with stealth. Blush only has one stripper with no soul and she’s good. I used to envy her. Now I pity her because she lost herself to the game.

I was sitting at a VIP table with my girl Trinity and three customers, when Ms. Heartless walks over. She engages with the one guy we aren’t talking to. Trinity is called to the stage. He whips out a stack of ones. Two minutes later Ms. Heartless stopped entertaining her customer and started whispering in Trinity’s customers ear. Trinity on stage sees what is happening and tells me to get his attention. Ms. Heartless is all over him. He’s reaching for the money but never looks at the stage. I know Trinity is fuming. According to her, she’s had problems with this chick before. I end up leaving the table because the guy I’m with had a fetish for brunettes. When one walked over, he offered her a drink which gave me a hint of his interest. Out of stripper etiquette, she respectfully declined. Politely, I excused myself from the table to go get her. The customer should get what they want. Sitting with a guy who’s not sexually stimulated by me takes too much work.

I still keep an eye on the table. Then I see Ms. Heartless drag two girls to the table that nobody seemed interested in. Then the lightbulb clicked. She is trying to appear like a shining star to him. These girls are bait that nobody in the table will entertain. Bait to make herself seem the most appealing. Bringing two other girls over also would discourage l Trinity from coming back to the table. The unwritten code of stripper etiquette says not to approach an occupied table except to introduce yourself.  Trinity is finally done with her stage set. Before she gets to the table, she sees the situation and dismisses the urge to talk to him. Why should she? An intimate conversation is in progress. Twenty minutes later, Ms. Heartless and Trinity’s customer is in a champagne room. As I leave the club at 2:30am., I hear they were still in a champagne room. FOUR HOURS! And she’s known for asking for $1000 or $5000 tip. I want to call her out soo bad but she would just laugh. Laugh at us, like she did last night. Her strategy was unethical but we are talking about a strip club. What do you expect?


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