Fuck Society


So what’s the difference between today and three days from now? Nothing but the date. I will have same amount of friends, same kind of problems, same journey, same ol shit. I kind of want to blow all my money and just give up. The more thought that I might struggle traveling alone is giving me anxiety attacks.  I am that scared of life’s ups and downs. My mind is my greatest enemy.  And now is not the time for the bs!

I leave Pittsburgh in three days.. I can count on one hand how many people remember my real name here. Countless men and woman will recall my perfectly natural boobs before they remember my face. O, what an impression I have made. Yet this was by choice. By choice I have kept my soul, and neglected to share it with a society that truthfully neglected me!

I did not choose to be antisocial. I chose to be me, on my own time, in my own space. I chose not to risk being neglected. Before, you get mad at me and my logic, let’s reflect on society & its neglect. Daily I am asked “How are you?,” but nobody ever wishes to hear a real response longer than one syllable. Nobody cares to have a genuine conversation. In fact, if you try to have a conversation with a stranger on a train, you are looked at as crazy.
Though our personalities are what  makes us uniquely beautiful, nobody wants you to be different from the next person. The new definition of a strong person is person who doesn’t give a fuck. To not give a fuck, you have to behave without attachment and empathy.  Drake sang, “She just wants to smoke and fuck. That’s all that we do.” I think its obvious that this generation values lust over love. Social media portrays every woman as hoes. A man can’t sleep with a woman he likes and catch feelings or he’ll be deemed “pussy”, “whipped.” I talk to a lot of men, I’m a bitch. I talk to nobody, I’m a bitch. Fuck society! I owe nothing to society but taxes! I can be me, when I want, and around who I want, when I’m ready… until then keep reading my blog.


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