BEWARE: A Scattered Mind


Ever spoke to someone who changed the subject every 5 minutes. Don’t worry its a southern thing. If I call anyone in my family from South Carolina, they will talk for 2 hours about something and nothing, and everything in between. So this morning that’s how my blog will go. Not purposely planned of course. I was just going to upload this picture with a Nike caption “Just Do It,” then my mind started wandering…

I only wear Nike to the gym. I have tried off brands, and there is always something I don’t like I’m a very indecisive shopper. But once I know what I like I stick to it.

At Brueggers bagels it took me 10 minutes to order the perfect combination. Cinnamon sugar bagel with honey walnut cream cheese AND cheese jalapeño bagel with jalapeno cream cheese. The reason I order two extremely different taste is because once I leave the store I might change my mind.

Sometimes at work I change my dress three times throughout the day but now that I live at a hotel, I can’t afford to have multiple delicate dresses washed daily.

I guess now I should mention I’m back at Blush due to guarantee consistent flow of mula and Jersey being ass. So I’m staying in Pittsburgh til I reach my goal of a decent amount of money. Then I’m getting some expensive California sun.

Just waking up for work. Like any other 9 to 5, you just do it. You wake up, you say a prayer, then you hustle. For me, I wake up, write a blog, do my makeup, tell my reflection in the mirror that I have a choice to be beautiful inside and out today, say a prayer, then head to work.

Anyway I haven’t been writing because I am starting to have a more depth personal life and I don’t know how much I want to really share… but I do want to share how I feel about it. So bear with me… and enjoy a southern written blog. 🙂


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