The Frustration of Hotel Hopping

Late Post
(Written last friday)


I hate my life right now. Tomorrow I have to check out of my hotel for the weekend and I have no idea which hotel im staying at but I have to check out of this hotel in the morning. THEN be at work at noon. This is so stupid because I am paying to stay at a hotel that I won’t even get to enjoy! Life’s a bitch.

I feel like everyone is content with watching me drown. I can see them looking down at me, pointing and saying “Look at the ungrateful bitch, she finally knows what it’s like to have REAL problems.” Now she has REAL problems like people with a 9 to 5. Maybe it’s all in my head but it’s hard to stay calm when your always worried about the next 72  hours.


9 thoughts on “The Frustration of Hotel Hopping

      1. No, actually I’m going to disagree with you (yet again! 🙂 ) – having said I’d come back later to read, I started to read a few posts. You have a very engaging, cool, honest, intimate style of writing.
        I traveled with you on days when you were sad and slightly defeated about stuff to days when you were all business b*tch! No, you can write all right. I just wish I could translate that into a way of getting the (editorial) team to help you promote your blog because it is beautiful, sad and real all at the same time…not to mention different – which is what we like!
        No promises but you up for me putting it to them and seeing what they say?

  1. You’ll make it. Everyone has their struggles but it’s not about how bad you struggle it’s about looking forward and figuring out the task upon you that you have to accomplish. The key thing is staying positive it’s not the easy thing but it takes practice baby girl

    1. Aww. Yes. But it helps to have long term goals and until I have a goal outside of vacations its hard to stay positive. But im definitely a working progress..Thank you Marko! When u going to start writing again?

      1. Great well set them goals and get on the ball it’s my hard. Just put a plan to it. And believe it or you you’ve inspired me to get back on the ball so I already wrote a blog 3 days ago so I’m posting tI tomorrow around 130

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