Be A Voice Not A Label

People who say they know me, probably really don’t. People who think they know me probably really do. Just believe and duly note that your confidence in who you think I am, is appreciated. Those who are more knowledgeable than me and God on who I’m becoming, I have briefly acknowledged your wisdom. Yet, every voice has been heard, seriously. Even if it was sent straight to voicemail, or trash. As long as the introduction to your philosophy holds substance I do listen halfheartedly.

Its amazing how great the difference is between love and hate yet they hold the same amount of energy and passion when delivered. Love me. Hate me. Both emotions I have felt and expressed to myself. Your passion only holds a mirror to yourself and how you view and value the lives of people around you.

Today’s thought was brought to you in part by drunkenness, an eager mind, and a phone call with my biological father. And also, viewers like you.


2 thoughts on “Be A Voice Not A Label

  1. * Could it be duely?

    I´m not religious but the part with Moses on the mountain asking His name has become something of a motto to me: “I am what I am”, though with time, admittedly, there´s also a lot of “I am what I do” to it.

    Anyway, the point is that if the Bible is some kind of backbone in the development of society and our culture, well, then there it is “I what I am”, my responsibility – all the rest can hop and jump.

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