Bitter Beyond Belief

I was inspired after reading a blog on 41 things to bitter about, ( not like I needed any encouragement) so though I could rant for days
below is my list. I chose #23 because I am 23 and a list of 10 or 15 is too short for a bitter rant. Enjoy.


1. Gum. Biggest scam at 7Eleven, flavor only worth the first 5 seconds you chew it THEN you can’t even eat it.

2. Insurance. it’s truly a legal gang. You have to get it, they got your back and you owe them for the rest of your life.

3. Plastic knives. Only good for butter. Congratulations on that patent.

4. Bars. I swear its therapy for everyone who gave up on going to the gym or seeing their therapist named Jim.

5. Medicine. Have like 150 side effects when you only had one problem. Is anyone else weighing the odds.

6. Sweat. It lets you know your doing something right but that you’re also doing something wrong.

7. Pantyhose. Challenges you to be graceful, but you try to close your legs and they still run. You just can’t win.

8. Veggie meat. You either like meat or you don’t. Veggie meat will never taste like meat.

9. Toe nails. What are they protecting because my toes still hurt when they hit something.

10. Stretch marks. Whether your thick or petite, they are Inevitable.

11. Umbrellas. You will still get wet.

12. Curbs. I always trip on a curb without a descending slope. Can’t just enjoy a conversation walking down the street without worrying about the next curb.

13. Voicemail. A double notification that someone wants to talk to you. I got it the first time.

14. Public bathrooms. Need I say more…

15. People who talk on long bus rides. A NNOYING.

16. Nametags. Nobody cares to know the guys name that rung up your groceries. Unless he’s hot, but then its creepy that you know it and he never told you…

17. Timers. They remind you your running out of time, so you waste time panicking.

18. Cards. Are you supposed to keep all of them and then what.

19. Drapes. Defeats the purpose of having a window.

20. Name Tattoos. Everyone that needs to know you love your mom, knows it. A tattoo will not prove you love her more.

21. Automatic toilet flushers. I hate splashy surprise flushes. Disgusting.

22. Poofy Vest. It’s like cheating you out of a winter coat.

23. Hospital beds. After all these years… They’re uncomfortable purposely so you don’t stay long.


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