The club was closed last week for renovation. If you want to see what’s going on follow my employer @albertblush on Instagram. (I got rid of my dancer instagram sorry.) We are open tomorrow but I only work based on the mode I wake up in. We are the best club in Pittsburgh because everyone is almost as hot as me. Lol There is variety in the beauty department, and ladies here not thots. Everyone’s different. I don’t bring my personal life to work unless asked to. And even if I’m asked to, I won’t usually speak on it unless because it can unbalanced me for the rest of my day. Though feel free to chat and tip, I don’t mind if I’m not busy. I’m a chatter box. Don’t forget the tip part! Champagne Rooms $360/hr, $220/30mins Booth Dances $30 a song or 3 for $79. We are taxed 30% for booth dances. Be conscious of this when you tip someone. Hope to see you soon. My stage name is India. To my traveling dancers I will take pics as soon as I’m back to work.



The Frustration of Hotel Hopping

Late Post
(Written last friday)


I hate my life right now. Tomorrow I have to check out of my hotel for the weekend and I have no idea which hotel im staying at but I have to check out of this hotel in the morning. THEN be at work at noon. This is so stupid because I am paying to stay at a hotel that I won’t even get to enjoy! Life’s a bitch.

I feel like everyone is content with watching me drown. I can see them looking down at me, pointing and saying “Look at the ungrateful bitch, she finally knows what it’s like to have REAL problems.” Now she has REAL problems like people with a 9 to 5. Maybe it’s all in my head but it’s hard to stay calm when your always worried about the next 72  hours.

Twerk Team


Contrary to ignorant belief, you don’t need to twerk or even do a good booty shake to make money as a stripper. You don’t have to look like trash or behave ratchet. It actually helps to have some class. Come off cheap, you get paid cheap. You just have to complete someones fantasy woman. Like not twerking at a bus stop, and showing off what martinis can do. But that’s what me and my mermaid did to cheer up from a lame day at work. Just thought I’d share our childish ways.

Cold. Empty. Quiet.


The beach is like me.
Cold. Empty. Quiet.
My mind is never this quiet. My head is usually pounding with unanswered questions, unresolved issues, and everything in between. Giving up is never this easily thought. My nurse called me today. To our surprise, I have many worries and no anxiety. I’m ready to quit and I have barely begun. I could run again, but I have no where to go. I want to believe I’m finally moving forward and not in circles.

The clubs don’t open til after 6pm. This is not a good sign of a money- making club. Especially when there are casinos everywhere. I’m actually at a casino right now. It’s now after 6p, so its time to try to find work.


Already I miss home. Not my apartment, just the feeling that I belong somewhere. There’s somewhere in this world, I’m supposed to be. Somewhere I make a difference to the people around me. Somewhere I make a change in my own life. Somewhere that’s obviously not here. Why is it so cold here? Come morning, I have a lot to figure out. It may be wrong to drink a corona and pray but alcohol brings out the truth. The truth before I drank some coronas. The truth that we all see so clearly. It’s evident that I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. I’ll figure it out one day, one day. Hopefully sooner rather than later…

The Naked Truth


I might be a lady but I’m never embarrassed to be naked. I actually enjoy it. I bet everyone thinks all strippers hate stripping. Stripping is the easy part for me.  I try to wait til I get some money before I take my gown off, but an amazing money day or shockingly shitty day, I stop hustling on stage and dance for myself. Today was a shitty day. Even my regulars didn’t show. It was nice out, so I can’t blame them. I didn’t use my birthday as a way to make money. I’m not a fan of pity money. If you like me, tip me.

I found out guys won’t tip me on stage because they think I’m a lady, and that it shows they don’t respect me. I’m a fucking stripper. If I wanted to get paid as a lady, I would be in a damn beauty pageant! (Which actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea.)

Anyways, I’ve recently started making silly cute faces on stage. My new approach to inviting the customer in. The seductive sexy thing seems to be coming off as bored and full of attitude. This is my last week in Pittsburgh for a few months, and my jitters and hunger for money is making me aggressive and moody at the club. I think I’m going to pick up some prn prescriptions tomorrow. I’ve never been in denial about my chemical imbalance but I never proceed in treating it until now. Its affecting my money and time is not on my side anymore. I hate drugs. Ironically, taking drugs makes me feel like I’m not normal, yet almost everyone I know takes some kind of drug. My anxiety and depression is playing ping-pong and is whipping my ass. I need to do this. At least for now…

Today I realized how ungrateful I am. I don’t value life, because I’m not choosing to take full advantage of it. I chose to be alone, and may be missing out knowing some great people. If I’m wrong and my company turn out to be idiots, I’m moving and there won’t be no long-term commitment.

So this week, I’m coming out of my comfort zone. Being truly naked is unveiling the inside. Ready or not, I’m getting naked!