Waaasted Time

I don’t know why customers get nervous about buying a girl a drink. Yes, I am going to order a $20 strawberry martini but if I’m the stripper you want to spend time with tonight, prepare to spend time. My logic is the faster I cut out the cheap beer calories, the sooner you will realize chatting over drinks wastes my time and yours. Instead of ordering $20 martinis, we could be in a champagne room, or even a single $30 dance and both of us can relax about the time.


Here’s a customer tip : Only buy a stripper a drink if you like her and want her to stay so you can spend time with her. Why is this a tip? Because too many guys think they are being nice buying a dancer a drink because she seemed nice. If you aren’t attracted to her, your not being nice because your stopping her from shopping for someone who is already attracted to her. So if your that nice guy at the bar, in the dressing room your labeled Nothing. Yes we talk about our rounds in the dressing room. And can you blame us for labelling you by how much money you have. If it was a regular date, we would point out personality, great attributes blah blah. But this is work, and we squeal and get excited over big tips first, then like an afterthought we remember your personality and whether you were a dick or not.

Want to know what makes you a Dick. If you talk to a stripper and not offer her a drink, especially if you make the approach. Once again, nobody’s begging for a drink it’s just Stripper/Customer etiquette. FYI: Drinks don’t pay my bills, dances do. Some dancers forget that drink money is not real money. Then in the dressing room they announce their stupidy like, “Hey, bitches, y’all sitting up here not making money while I’m with a customer that  “might” do some dances because he’s been buying me drinks all day!” That would only be something to brag about if you were broke and at a local bar. Your wasting time just like the rest of us. So sit tipsy ass down and redo your lipstick.

Like seriously maybe overrated at times but if your doing it clean and right, stripping takes talent. Trying to not waste time, and spend it right, being aggressive but not too pushy, being a naked saleswoman and making sure people take you seriously like a man, ALL takes talent. My favorite quote from A Bronx Tale is “There’s nothing sadder than wasted talent.” And sadly that’s the truth.