Same Ol Song

A  gentlemen’s club can provide a level of intimacy almost equivalent to a genuine relationship. Two key words: can and almost. It is the foundation on what a club builds on. Pretty girls get customers in the door. Witty, and connective woman keep people coming back.

During a dry season, they hire the same hoes back, add a few new girls and again our price value plummets, as the club reaches its sales. Am I surprised? No. Am I angry? Hell yeah, fucking right!
These amateurs are so happy to double a 9 to 5 paycheck, they don’t even see that they’re losing! I’m not as angry at the hoes because on night shift, I will get paid regardless. But lately, I’ve been hungry and ready to work. I want to see Paris next week and Greece next month. My hunger for life is growing and I can’t keep settling with seeing the same ol same ol, doing the same ol same ol, resulting in the same ol shit. My anxiety is getting the best of me. I’m ready to go right now. There’s just one tiny problem: I don’t want to work too hard.

I believe in hardworking America but everyone knows hardworking America works for “smart working” America. I rather work smart.

Stripping may be losing its value as admirable art. People are tired of being teased with what they can’t have, and are willing to forget their fantasy, for the quick satisfaction of every day life.  And in this case meaning sex. Strippers are doing more for the dollar. The same dancers who said they would not do “this and that,” are doing “this and that” and a lot more. All the hard work to stay in the game.


Little do they know, their temporary profits will push them out, unless they pursue escorting or porn. Clubs work like seasons. And when the seasons change, their worth won’t increase because everyone already knows what they are worth. Can’t expect a high bid on something, if everyone has seen EVERYTHING it’s capable of. It’s smarter to just wait out the dry season, perfect your body and pipe game, then to give deals or “extras.” A lesson I learned from the “smart working” America. So I think I’m going to sit this season out. So if your a regular and you miss me, remember I still miss my check! And I still don’t do extras.