No Reason to Leave Blush

Can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m going to miss my Blush girls. I never really hang out with strippers outside the club. We all have different lifestyles, & personal demons, I’m sure. You really don’t want to get wrapped up in another dancer’s personal life. But when you have downtime in the club, blabbing about your affairs in editable. I rather talk to a dancer who I don’t expect to pay me, than allowing a non-paying customer get my free time.

I love talking to the dancers that think like me when it comes to the game; they’re cut-throat and focused. There’s only a few of u that’s really about stacking that check. My gurl Isis swear, is one of them. We went to breakfast this morning after work. Never knew how much we were alike, lifestyle and demons too.

I have two more weeks in Pittsburgh. I’m really going to miss this club. They treated me the best. Sometimes they were strict but it helped me make the most of my money truthfully. I’m actually debating whether to get a loft and stay. Smh, that is crazy. I’m trying to follow the money, but I think the money is here.

My birthday is Sunday, I will pull double shifts al


l week. Keep my options open…


Hustling takes Ambition pt2


Being a pretty dancer is a plus, but being a hustler, only takes pipe game and advertising through style and mannerisms. I seen trifling fat girls make money. And I’m not talking about $5 pity money.

When I first started dancing, I averaged $500 day. I only worked dayshift. I mostly stood in front of a mirror until someone asked for a dance. If someone eyed me, I would smile, go over, and within 5 minutes I knew whether they were getting a dance or not. Occasionally, I would stay 5 minutes longer if I was comfortable but usually that resulted in me reminding them I’m working and a small tip. Some may call this lazy but honestly this is the best method for me. I call this strategy “smart hustling” . It tells men my time is money. And it lets me know which men value my time. Standing by the side mirror, I can see what body type a customer is admiring at the stage. That way if my “smart hustling” doesn’t work, I can move on to “drunk hustling.” Which ALWAYS works as long as the clubs not empty and the music is pumping. Drunk hustling is aggressive horny hustling need I say more…. 😉

“Drunk hustling” produces amazing results. Why? #1Customers don’t want to be drunk alone.  #2 Alcohol gives you an excuse to be aggressive. Demanding a lap dance or champagne room makes you appear horny or sexually frustrated rather than a money hungry bitch.

“Drunk hustling” is the only way I dance in black clubs.  When I danced in Atlanta and Washington dc I drank FourLoko’s every night. Every stripper has her own market. Mine is Cute&Cuddly, Exotic, Sweet, Expensive, Tiny Waist,Big Boobiesss(32DDD). In black clubs ass is valued over boobies, sassy over sweet, and Freaky&Sneaky wins daily. Fuck cute&cuddly! So honestly my market isn’t in demand at strictly black clubs but I still do it because its a monopoly for me when that one guy accidentally walked into the wrong club. It only takes one guy to make my night in ATL.

Another after work

post, goodnight

Cheerleaders Pittsburgh, Pa

IMG_20140313_182904Okay, first of all, this club makes me feel like an independent contractor. My shift started at 7. Nobody cared if I was late on the floor, as long as I didn’t miss my set, there was no late fee. Another plus, there is no pressure to make a schedule. They rather you call in, then you call off. They understand that dancers travel so your not expected to be there every week. You are renting time, and rooms at the club. Very well laid out contract. They do not turn us in to the IRS (some clubs do, be careful ladies). They only suggested that you file your taxes.

Now from the customer’s standpoint, this club is fun size. Big enough to have a few bachelor parties going on. Small enough that you feel comfortable and relaxed to spend money. No pressure, just know that the girls will politely excuse themselves to find the next guy willing to pay for a good time. So if you don’t want a dance, tip her and she will stay. If you can’t afford to buy her a drink, and tip her JUST TIP HER. The set up is clean, private and comfortable. Meaning the lap dance area. I didn’t do an hour room yet but those rooms are individual, and have a t.v. This club is topless so I have an advantage with my 32DDDs. Though don’t be upset gentlemen, every dancer has the choice to take off her thong in vip. And I will, in half an hour, and hour rooms. 😉

The cab service is the same as my other club, same good ol Kevin. He has to be a millionaire cab driver. He runs a timed hustle. Every dancer at the top three clubs go through Kevin’s cab service. I respect his hustle!

I’m not there for the girls, and the girls aren’t there for me. No animosity, that’s just how they carry themselves. I also, heard the club makes sure customers have enough to spend before they can come in the club. Yes! I hope this is true. It’s one thing to get turned down a lap dance, its another thing if they can’t afford it.

Which brings me to pricesss. Couch Dances
$25 a song/ $15 entertainer pockets,
Champagne Room
$125 15min./ $60 entertainer pockets,
$226 30min./ $125 entertainer pockets
$441 an hour/ $250 entertainer pockets

Unless you are doing an hour room its smarter to the couch dances per song because the entertainer makes 3/5. In the champagne rooms the dancer keeps 1/2, unless it’s the hour. Dancer pockets close to 3/5 again. (This math is being done in my head. Sorry if I’m a little off).

I’m going to Washington dc this weekend to visit my family before I start my travels. They do not know that I’m a dancer or that I am about to travel and I keep it that way to protect my mother’s heart. She lives her life as a Pentecostal, so she is definitely not a fan of the “secular” world.

My next blog will be: Things I don’t do around my Mother, and A General Review on Blush Gentleman Club (the one I quit).